Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Evanston, IL

Protect Your Smile by Removing Wisdom Teeth

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A long time ago, wisdom teeth may have helped our ancestors chew coarse, hearty foods. Today, though, the wisdom teeth are no longer necessary for a functional mouth, and they often cause more trouble than they’re worth due to a lack of space. At Bowdental of Evanston, we can help you say “good-bye” to wisdom teeth that are doing more harm than good by gently removing them. Call us if one of your loved ones is expecting to receive their wisdom teeth soon and needs to figure out whether wisdom tooth extractions at our Evanston, IL dental office are necessary.

When Is Wisdom Tooth
Extraction Really

Healthy wisdom teeth that are able to fully erupt in your mouth and can be cleaned as part of your normal oral hygiene practices may not have to be removed. Wisdom tooth extraction is usually only necessary if you experience symptoms such as:

  • Significant and/or persistent pain in the back of your mouth or jaw.
  • Wisdom teeth that remain completely or partially hidden in your gums.
  • Crowded or damaged teeth.
  • Increased risk of gum disease and oral infection.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Make time to relax for at least a couple of days. Keep your head elevated at all times to lessen swelling. Apply an ice pack every 15 minutes to minimize your pain. You should plan on eating soft and liquid foods for a while, such as soup and mashed potatoes. Make sure you eat on the other side of your mouth so that you don’t disturb the extraction site. If you were prescribed any medications, take them as directed. You can brush your teeth as normal starting on the day after surgery, but be very gentle while doing so.