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There are all kinds of ways to lose teeth, but among younger people, accidents are one of the most common. Athletes in particular are at risk of losing teeth due to damage, which often leaves them with the problem of how they should replace it in a way that won’t take them out of their game.

As it turns out, dental implants in particular are an excellent method of tooth replacement for athletes. Here are a few reasons that’s the case.


If you’re an athlete with dentures, you’re probably going to want to take out your prosthetic before starting the game. Obviously, it’s not a great look to be missing teeth, but that’s usually a better option than risking your dentures falling out during the game.

However, that still means that you have to find a place to put your dentures where you won’t lose them and where they’re out of the way. No matter how well you plan it, that still introduces the risk of losing your prosthetic.


While both dental bridges and dentures are incredibly durable, if you really want a tooth replacement that can stand up to stress, dental implants are hard to beat. Being implanted in the jawbone gives them stability that makes them perfect for athletes who are used to getting roughed up.


For athletes, eating right is essential, as is getting the most nutrients possible out of your diet. Being able to chew up your food is actually an important part of that—it begins the process of digestion and makes your food easier for your stomach to break down.

If you have dentures or bridges, you’re probably not able to chew food as effectively as you would like, which means that you can’t get the most out of your meals. If you’re an athlete, you can benefit enormously from the chewing power that a dental implant can give you.


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