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Get to Know Dr. Adeniji Bowden

Dentist Evanston

For Dr. Bowden, being a dentist is all about having the capacity to serve people. He deeply enjoys helping his dental patients achieve their dentistry goals, whether this involves stopping pain or helping them get a truly stunning smile. He’s thrilled to work alongside his wife and fellow dentist, Dr. Duarte, and he looks forward to getting to know you. Below, you can learn a little more about his background.

Why Did You Decide to Become a Dentist?

When he was young, Dr. Bowden had quite a few dental problems. He wasn’t able to visit the dentist that often, so he thought it would be like a regular doctor, “Take this and give it a few weeks.” Fortunately, it was nothing like that. His dentist was able to stop his pain immediately, and to Dr. Bowden, it felt like magic. As soon as he experienced relief, that’s when he knew he wanted to be a dentist as well.

Outside of the Dental Office, What Do You Like to Do?

Dr. Bowden comes from a large family and is the youngest of 9 siblings, with two of his older brothers being dentists as well. He and Dr. Duarte enjoy working out together, and he says that if he could live in the gym, he would. He also likes finding the best restaurants, making cocktails, and expanding his fragrance collection. On a more laid-back evening, you’ll usually find him and Dr. Duarte playing board games.